Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Morning Muffins

I love new beginnings. They bring freedom, excitement and wonder. As I begin my journey with this blog, I hope you find it an encouragement and a challenge.

Saturday Morning first encounter with this wonderfully delicious breakfast food was in my grandmother's kitchen on Zion Hill Road. As the muffin melted in my mouth, I thought, "Surely, there is no better taste in the world!" Although we often make these muffins on Saturday mornings, we also make them on other days of the week. However, we still call them Saturday Morning Muffins.

Child of first encounter (though unknown) with this concept was before I was born. My Savior and my God called me His child when He wrote my name in His Book of Life. In His realm, there is no time. Therefore, He has always been, is now and always will be. Praise His precious name, for He is not just God on a specific day of the week, but every day.

For His Glory,