Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rough Ride to Abilene

We seem to be okay with absolutely wearing ourselves out in the summer. Now that Jordan and Ella have joined the family, they have been forced into our way of life, like it or not. :)

Monday night was the first Summer Youth Series in Houston. Sugar Grove was excited to be the first host of the summer. The kids and I got to church at 9:30 on Monday morning and did not get home until 9:30 that night. I guess it slipped my mind that yesterday (Tuesday) was not only the first Girls' Bible Study class of the summer, but that we were leaving on a 9 day road trip immediately following GBS. Somebody please stop the madness!

As we were leaving the church building yesterday, Jordan's meltdown began. Oh, the pains! Josh was taking him to the bathroom before we left and Jordan could not decide between using the regular potty or the urinal. (I'm glad that as a woman I don't have to choose what kind of urine receptacle I want to use!) Since he wouldn't make up his mind, Josh decided for him. After 5 minutes of Josh trying to get him to go tee-tee, Jordan screaming his head off because Josh told him he needed to go potty on the regular potty and Jordan never relaxing enough to let the urine out, Josh gave up.

We got on the road, Jordan calmed down and asked for a piece of bubble gum. He chewed on that piece for about 2 minutes and was done. We threw it away. He asked for another piece a little later, chewed it for 2 minutes and threw it away. When he asked for a third piece, I told him he could have more tomorrow. Oh, the wailing that followed.

Then, since he was so upset, he thought it would be a genius idea to start hitting his sister's hand with his shoe.

By this time, I was done.

We pulled over into the parking lot of a bank in Hico, and I told him I was moving him to the very back seat and that when we got to Poppa and MeMom's, he was getting a spanking with a wooden spoon because of 4 hours of inappropriate and hateful behavior. Once again...the wailing and the pleading, "Moooooommy, I proooooomise I'll be kind."

So, Amy and I unpacked the WHOLE van, pulled the back seat up so that I could put his carseat back there and reloaded the whole van. Because I didn't want to stop again, I told him he needed to go tee-tee on his little potty. "But I want to tee-tee on the graaaaaass." SO SORRY! He sat on the seat for about a minute, and I said, "Okay, pull up your pants and get in your carseat, please." "But I'm not done." "Yes, you are."

Then the flailing started.

Then I picked him up off the potty and spanked his bare bottom three times with my hand.

For ten minutes after that he was screaming, very loudly. I talked with him and he slowly calmed down. I said, "Why are you screaming?" He said, "Do I still have a spanking coming?" I assured him that he didn't and that the spanking in the van was sufficient.

After that, he was fine. Hopefully our two and a half trip to Lubbock today will be less eventful! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dr. Morgan and Cousin Morgan

When I was in Abilene two weeks ago, I went to see my dermatologist named Dr. Morgan. Jordan has been very concerned about this so-called Dr. Morgan, because he cut a mole out of my back and Jordan does not like the scab it left or the fact that he used a knife on his mommy. :)

Here was my conversation with Jordan, as we were driving to Payless Shoe Source this evening.

Jordan: Mommy, where are we going?
Me: We're going to Payless to get you shoes for Morgan's wedding.

-15 second pause-

Jordan: Mommy, are Jonathan and Morgan going to be there to cut another mole out of your back?
Me: No, Jordan. Dr. Morgan and our cousin, Morgan, are two different people.
Jordan: Oh, okay.

And that, was that.

Fun with Ella

Ella and I have so much fun when she wakes up from her nap before Jordan does!

Here are some pictures I just took of her. ADORABLE!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cantaloupe Seeds

I absolutely LOVE digging out cantaloupe seeds with a spoon. The squishiness and gooshiness are awesome! It tells me that summer is here. :)

I haven't posted a recipe in a while. So, here is what I'm making for dinner tonight. It's easy breezy and yummy!

Peachy Picante Chicken
Serves 4

1 lb. boneless chicken, cubed
1 T. taco seasoning
2 t. oil
8 oz. salsa
1/2 c. peach preserves

Coat chicken with taco seasoning.
Heat oil over medium heat.
Add chicken and cook until brown and tender, stirring occasionally.
Add salsa and preserves.
Lower heat, cover and simmer 15-20 minutes.

Serve with minute rice.