Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bestest Thing

Josh just got home, and I told him that Jordan and Mommy just had to have a talk because ever since we left school today, he has chosen to be very disrespectful. Now, this puzzles me, because his teacher told me that he had a wonderful day and chose to be kind to his friends. He even got a glue stick for a friend who needed one. When Josh asked him if he was kind at school he said, "Yes, I was the bestest thing!"

Go figure...


  1. Maybe he had no more "nice" left - lol. I am certain that you and Josh will raise him to be a respectful young man. XO

  2. Girl, you have just written about the #1 truth about kids (boys especially: They are usually good for others on a "bad" day, but once they get home though, the true colors come out. They just can't hold it together any longer. Thank goodness those days are sprinkled through the month.

    Hope you and Jordan are feeling better.