Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Body Works Plus Abs

I attended a fitness class this morning called "Body Works Plus Abs". The class targets every major muscle group in a one hour setting. We started with legs, went to arms, eased into working the shoulders and back and ended with abs. I am a bit puzzled as to why it's called "Body Works Plus Abs". Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought my abs are a part of my body. :)

Anywho...I was feeding Miss Ella her lunch today. It was a marvelously tasty concoction of peas, apples and chicken. (I would seriously like to know who the genius was who put certain foods together for babies!) Each time I leaned in to give her a bite of her food, I kept sensing this sour smell. She had spit up a tiny bit before lunch, but it wasn't that. So, I began sniffing everything in our general vicinity. I thought, "Maybe it's my shirt; maybe it's the bowl the food is in; maybe it's her spoon; maybe it's the table." I couldn't find the smell.

Now, when my children are in their booster seats, I love to take advantage of the situation and gently gnaw on their precious feet. As my mouth went to grab her left foot, I suddenly realized where the sour smell was coming from. Good night, nurse! She just had a bath two days ago. And to top it off, the child doesn't even crawl yet. How can the feet of my precious seven month old be so stinky? I am still perplexed. :)

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