Friday, March 6, 2009

LA, baby!

LA Fitness, that is.

Mom and Dad have been asking me for over a month now what I would like to have for my birthday. I have desired a membership renewal at LA Fitness for a while. We were members four years ago and I exercised faithfully through my pregnancy with Jordan, but we dropped the membership shortly after he was born. I don't know why, but knowing I can go to a gym with countless options appeals to me so much more than going for a walk around the block. :)

I nonchalantly called Josh yesterday to tell him that Mom and Dad were going to help with a few months of my membership and asked him if he was interested in joining along with me. He responded with an absolute, "Yes." Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised! It is always more motivating when one has a work-out partner.

Last night after my first softball practice E-V-E-R and a tasty meal at Sweet Mesquite, we drove over to pick up our membership tags. While we were there, the oh-so-nice personal training manager came over to greet us and ask if we would like to schedule our fitness assessment for tomorrow (which is now today). Because we are idiots, we said, "Sure, that would be fine. How about 10:00?"

I have never experienced a workout with a personal trainer because in my book, a personal trainer is synonymous with suicide. So, we arrived this morning, took the kids into the Kids Club and met with Michael.

The following information is quite personal. You are welcome to laugh right now, but not in front of my face. :)

We began with a questionnaire, followed with a BMI test. (Please keep in mind that I gave birth to Miss Ella Paige seven months ago.) Based on my height, I should have a BMI of 19%. Currently my BMI is 28.5%. I was utterly and totally devastated. To see those numbers on paper almost made me cry. However, the trainer assures me that with their help, I can reach my goal of losing 15 pounds and having a BMI of 19% in just 10-14 short months.

10-14 SHORT MONTHS? I could get pregnant, give birth and celebrate that child's fifth month of life by that time. That's a stinkin' long time, in my world!

Now, rewind with me to the van ride to LA Fitness not even one hour earlier...

Josh- So, are they going to, like, want us to sign up to use a personal trainer?
Whitney- I'm sure they are, babe. Why else would they be doing this?
Josh- Well, we just can't commit to that. With my work schedule and everything, I'm just hoping to make it to the gym three times a week.
Whitney- I know. You just need to tell them that up front, so that we don't have to listen to the whole spill.
Josh- Okay. I'll take care of it.

Now, back at the gym, we are "warming up" on the treadmill while the personal trainer "sets up" our practice workout, so that we can see what a workout with a trainer would be like.

Josh- So, how many times do you think you're going to come each week?
Whitney- I would like to come Monday-Saturday.
Josh- Okay, well, we for sure can come together on Fridays and Saturdays. Maybe on Thursdays, as well.
Whitney- That sounds good.
Josh- So, how many days a week should we work out with a trainer?
Whitney- WHAT?! I thought we weren't going to get a personal trainer.
Josh- Well, it would be really good for us, and I'd really like to use one.
Whitney- Okay, let's just see how much it costs.

To be honest, I thought maybe doing the mini-workout with the trainer would knock some sense into Josh and he would drop the thought.

It didn't.

As a matter of fact, he loved it. I think he mainly loved the fact that I was DY-ING!

So, to make a terribly long story a little shorter, we will now see a trainer once a week for a year. Your prayers are coveted.

One last thing...

Jordan was super pumped about the play area, because there is an indoor playground with a part that looks like a train. When we picked up the kids, we could smell that Jordan had pooped in his underwear. When Josh asked him about it, he said, "Don't worry, Dad. I just pooped in the train."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why there is NEVER a dull moment in our house. :)


  1. Great story! Hey I don't know if you knew or not...Danny and I have a blog also.! See you tomorrow! Way to play tonight :)

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! I started laughing at the BMI and didn't stop until well after reading the post. I almost lost it with the "10-14 SHORT MONTHS? I could get pregnant, give birth and celebrate that child's fifth month of life by that time."
    I am SO glad you decided to start blogging!!