Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, some of you have asked for updated pictures of my precious children. Here they are:

Jordan helping Daddy and Mr. Danny change the brakes and rotors on Poppy's truck.

Miss Ella Bella drinking her bottle while holding on tight to Piggy, her first true love. :)

She's so big! We still put pillows around her, though.

Jordan's first day at WCS was today. I am finishing out the year for the elementary Spanish teacher who is out on maternity leave and Jordan gets to be a part of the 3 year old class. So handsome!

Ella and Jordan being "siwwy".

Ella- hamming it up, as usual.

Ella trying to get away from brother.


  1. What cute and "siwwy" kids you've got there.

  2. these pictures are just way too cute. thanks for a laugh!!

  3. Too precious...when do I get them so you and Josh can have a date night?

  4. Oh Whit - they are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for adding pictures. XOXO