Sunday, March 1, 2009

Change Your Environment

To some of us, the phrase "Change Your Environment" is nothing but a go-green statement. To others of us, it means more than going green in the physical sense.

This weekend I was blessed to attend SoulLink, an annual Houston area youth rally. To say it was awesome is an understatement! It blew my socks off. I wish you could've been there.

The theme for the weekend was "Climate: Change Your Environment". God works in mysterious ways. This mantra we heard all weekend fits so very appropriately in my life right now. I'm positive it fits into all of our lives. We simply have to choose to let it infiltrate our being.

Jesus came for many reasons. In my opinion, the most important reason was to give us hope for life beyond this physical body...hope to be with Him in Heaven when we us from the old law so that we can embrace the new law. Praise His name for loving us enough to die for us and be raised again!

When He was here, He constantly changed His environment. When He chose to change His environment, He couldn't help but change others' environments.

He calls us to be agents of change. I believe I must choose to love like He loves and live like He lives. Otherwise, what am I doing here?!

I would like to challenge you to a life of change...a life of putting others above yourself...a life of living to please God, rather than others...a life of loving yourself, so that you can love others. He offers grace, peace, mercy, joy and love. Grab hold of it and you'll never want to let go!

For His glory,

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  1. Great post - its something we all need to think about! xo